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"Miley Cyrus???"

If you are wondering "Who is Miley Cyrus???" We've got the answer right here. Also, visit the In the News page to learn about how Miley is in the news! Miley Cyrus's favorite color is pink, and she also likes purple. She loves singing and shoes and accesories, animals, she is very pretty, has an older brother named Braison, older sister named Brandi, and a younger brother named Noah. Her dad is Billy Ray Cyrus, famous country singer and her mom is, well, her mom. Miley is a great person, loves her fans, and has a TV show, Hannah Montana, on Disney Channel. She also doubles as Hannah Montana, pop singer. In her TV show, Hannah Montana, she is Miley Stewart, her father Billy Ray, and her brother Jackson(Jason Earles). She is living a double life to the world. At school, she is the weird dork, Miley, and on stage, she is the AMAZING and awesome Hannah Montana. Nobody other than her best friends, Lily and Oliver, and her brother and dad, and some of her family know the secret! Please contact us with any questions about Miley.